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I SAID NO Album Cover Reveal

My debut album, I SAID NO (forthcoming December 1, 2017), deals with various social issues such as child molestation, human sexuality, suicide, depression, and heartbreak ...
but don't be fooled ... this is not a 'slit-your-wrists' kind of tracklist. There is power and strength in these songs.
By the time you finish listening, you'll be ready to tackle the roughest of circumstances life throws at you ... with guts.
Caution: I use 'fuck' a lot. Side note: If you sing along to my songs, sing 'fuck' the loudest. It will make your day. Honest. Especially in the shower.

Huge thanks goes to Alexander Karmios for this EPIC album cover. There are so many awesome details in this. I dare you to zoom in and check out all the background chaos. If you're one of my author buddies, you might even find your book on that bookshelf.

An extra massive thanks goes to George Priniotakis, Clyde Jabra, and Yannis Markopouliotis at Artracks Recording Studios for the production, mixing and mastering. George and Clyde are also responsible for additional instruments such as guitars, bass, drums, percussion, wurlitzer, keys, and glockenspiel!

Also mustn't neglect to mention that those toys belong to Alexia and James Kalligerakis. Thank you for lending them to me! I promise I didn't stick that needle into any of them.

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