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My latest EP, 'My Art Is Martian' has offically dropped! It's been a long time coming and I'm very excited to release this into the world. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing and recording it!

A huge thanks goes out to George Priniotakis at Artracks Recording Studios for helping me transform digital sounds into rock music with subtle electronic sensibilities ... to Clyde Jabra and Alex Zamparas for adding all the extra instruments ... and most importantly, to Alexander Karmios at Agent Represents for believing in me as an artist and encouraging me to speak in Martian as motherfucking loudly as I motherfucking want.

You can download or stream the EP here:




All songs written and performed by BRUNO.
Produced, mixed and mastered by George Priniotakis at Artracks Recording Studios.
George Priniotakis: guitars, bass, additional keyboards, percussion
Clyde Jabra: guitars, bass, drums
Guitars on 'Me My Way': Alex Zamparas

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Power to you.



Dudes and Dudettes! Do you want to be a 'Rock 'n' Roll Bride'? One of our new tracks is featured in a fashion video for Anastasia Aravani - Bridal Couture - Collection 2019. Just click here to see the video on YouTube and hear a sample of the track. The full track will be released as a single before Christmas. 'I'll be your rock 'n' roll bride' on the cover, dressed in ... you guessed it ... an Anastasia Aravani wedding gown. Exciting stuff!

In other news, you may have noticed that I used the word 'our' above. BRUNO has become a fully-fledged band. I got me some BRUNettes! We're in the midst of rehearsing and preparing some new tracks. In light of this, and due to my inability to shake the rock 'n' roll from my bones (I was born with it), BRUNO will be sounding a lot less electronic. Well, not electronic at all, in fact. We're still in the process of honing in on our 'sound', but you can expect some stoner rock slash pop punk. Think Peaches crossed with L7 and a shit load of Dream Wife buzz.

Video credits:

Filmed by Alexander Karmios (AR)
Music Produced & Mastered by George Priniotakis at Artracks Recording Studios.
Also huge thanks to Alex Motofunk and Clyde Jabra for their guitar and bass contributions!

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My debut album, I SAID NO (forthcoming December 1, 2017), deals with various social issues such as child molestation, human sexuality, suicide, depression, and heartbreak ...
but don't be fooled ... this is not a 'slit-your-wrists' kind of tracklist. There is power and strength in these songs.
By the time you finish listening, you'll be ready to tackle the roughest of circumstances life throws at you ... with guts.
Caution: I use 'fuck' a lot. Side note: If you sing along to my songs, sing 'fuck' the loudest. It will make your day. Honest. Especially in the shower.

Huge thanks goes to Alexander Karmios for this EPIC album cover. There are so many awesome details in this. I dare you to zoom in and check out all the background chaos. If you're one of my author buddies, you might even find your book on that bookshelf.

An extra massive thanks goes to George Priniotakis, Clyde Jabra, and Yannis Markopouliotis at Artracks Recording Studios for the production, mixing and mastering. George and Clyde are also responsible for additional instruments such as guitars, bass, drums, percussion, wurlitzer, keys, and glockenspiel!

Also mustn't neglect to mention that those toys belong to Alexia and James Kalligerakis. Thank you for lending them to me! I promise I didn't stick that needle into any of them.

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My unbelievably talented photographer/filmmaker extraordinaire, Alexander Karmios, has just sent me the cover he photographed and created for my forthcoming single, 'Darkened Screams'. Isn't it awesome? I feel like the star of a Tarantino movie.

For those of you who might be concerned, my midriff is still intact. I won't come on stage at my next gig looking like Goldie Hawn from 'Death Becomes Her'. (If you haven't seen that movie, see it. It's a masterpiece.)

'Darkened Screams' is slated for release on October 17. Follow me on Spotify to listen as soon as it drops:

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Well, my vision on July 20 came true. There is blood. There is a knife (check out the trailer), and there is a song that declares my intention to engage in the genocide of Internet trolls. Check out the links in my music tab. Also, don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter to receive exclusive subscriber content: You'll have access to free songs, not heard by anyone else, behind-the-scenes video footage, and more.


Last week I mentioned that I was recording an I AM BRUNO anthem and that this track will be given away exclusively to BRUNO subscribers. Well, I'm going to set up a password protected website for all you loyal subscribers to pick up your exclusive content at So if you want to have the chance to snap up this exclusive content when the site is ready, subscribe to my newsletter here: I also plan to switch the content up as regulary as possible, so it won't just be one freebie when you sign up. Exciting progress is being made!


Today I recorded the vocals for I AM BRUNO at Artracks. This is the track I'll be giving away exclusively to BRUNO subscribers. I was surprised to find out that once upon a time, telephone FX were actually produced using a telephone mic. The effect sounds so much better than the digitally generated ones. Remember, this song will not be released in the traditional way. So if you want to have the chance to listen and download this track when it's ready, subscribe to my newsletter here:


All songs have finally been written and recorded using Cubase and Reason in my home studio. Today I spent a few hours at Artracks Recording Studios with George Priniotakis and Clyde Jabra making a few final touches to the mix of the first two singles, 'Kill All Trolls' and 'Darkened Screams'. 'Kill All The Trolls' will be out on October 3, and 'Darkened Screams' on October 17. Full album, I SAID NO, is slated for release on November 3. Don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to know about new releases and receive exlusive subscriber content:


Thanks to all the feedback from my fans on Facebook, I have an official BRUNO logo that I am in love with ... and it has my fringe! As my co-designer said, "Design is like sex. When you get it right, you'll have an orgasm." I couldn't agree more.


Currently writing tenth track declaring my intentions to engage in the genocide of Internet trolls. I may turn into a zombie-like creature. Ideas for a video trailer are churning. Black blood might be cool. And a knife. Watch this space.

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